Selecting Our Clumsy BOT

A candidate for adoption into our bot family. We are are reviewing the design and the skillset of a pretty pink bot.
Victoria Esposito 3 min read

Every family has members that stand out at family gatherings, and most often against their will. When I was in my late teens everyone was getting together around the firepit, after everyone's belly was overfilled. We were exchanging gossip, health facts, and the occasional drama. As soon as my mom would say “let me make a pot of coffee” everyone in the room would look at me! First, with the pity face, then the leaning back pose, and finally “you’re still not drinking coffee, eh?!”  Followed by my mom saying “Oh dear God no, he is already too active, I don’t need another asshole around me” - Everybody laughing at my expense. That would be the routine for decades!

My cousin, on the other hand, was the one known for being so clumsy that when you didn’t want something to last and needed an excuse to get rid of it, you would just ask him to hold it for a brief while. Many nicknacks have gone to the garbage bin thanks to his contribution! He earned a special nickname, much to that from the clutz Chunk from the movie The Goonies.

Even in the ’80s, a popular cartoon, The Smurfs, a family of all sorts, similar to our BOTS family, there's even a clumsy one. Therefore, we felt we needed one too. Selecting the right one is harder than it seemed when we decided on the case.

We strive to make the BOTS act as they were originally designed for and then subsequently highlight some of their behaviors to make them stand out from the rest of the pack. We first looked at this one

Its size was disproportionately bigger when compared to the other initial BOTS that we have already started working on. Plus, it has legs and it can only go on stable floors, we want all of them to graduate for rough terrain, so that was a no-go.

If we really had to go with something that can trek in the wild and handle any type of obstacles, with clumsiness in mind, Atlas would have been perfect., However after a brief chat with the folks in the know, the price would have been way out of what we can handle. Perhaps when the show becomes really popular we can talk to Boston Dynamics for some Cameos!

I shall confess that at some point we did consider adopting a Roomba for the job since it is naturally a mess maker. At least when it comes to wires and other unexpected objects, Althoughhowever, given its shape it would have required too much work to give it some personality. Our in-house Supervisor, Scarlet put in the vote as a no-go! However, the totally no-go came from Scarlet!

Ultimately, the top contender right now is a little pink expressive little fellow that has definitely made laughing rounds when he facepalms the floor on a random basis style. While the camera was rolling for the audition Victoria stopped recording in the frame because she couldn’t stop laughing.

I made a Prisma-like photo of when the two met, it was almost instant love. We haven’t ruled out yet the final decision however so far the other contestants are not meeting Pinky standards, as affectionately nicknamed by our screeners.

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I am alive. I have a soul.

The bots are coming!

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