Gotta Deer?

Mario Esposito 2 min read
Gotta Deer?
The list of all other work/gifts handmade is here.

We have friends over the East end, and often we go there for some relaxing beach time, on the way back, we always stop by our favorite food stand. We like their food and the general care they display.

We noticed that the screen was broken (probably the wind), I wanted to quitely repairing it, but they fixed it before I had the chance. So I asked my hubby what else we could have done to share some love. He said, "I gotcha you covered," which usually scares me 😁 but this time he didn't.

They have this sign inside the stand; we thought the information there could be more appealing to tourists if it was more catchy.

So we retouched it and left the sign inside the stand for them to find by chance.

Hubby builds all sorts of machines for a living, and every time there's something to test, I am the guinea pig for testing, this time I used the opportunity to my advantage.

Got a chunk of plywood from my last project (a commissioned work), cut it to size to fit into the laser he is working on. Put some graphics together to add some sexiness to the message. Tourists like that 🤩

and then we started lasering the graphics.

It might appear "let the machine go and come back later" type of job but it's not, we like to put little touches and love into the process, and additionally leaving a burning laser unattended is the best way to ask for troubles 😅

We intentionally cause variability in the burns so that it doesn't feel "store bought" but rather that time and intent was put into it. And that is easier said than done because every material reacts differently at the laser lenses.

a hour later...

The pre-final work looked like this

After the lasering, we sanded it, lightly grinded the edges to make it more polished, then burned the extremities to give it a look compatible with the lasering.

Made a hole on the top in case they want it to hang with a nail or hook. Signed the back with our standard signature and quietly delivered.

The rest will be history, he he.


When we dropped off the sign we were welcomed by a SUPER sweet doggy!


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