About Us and this project

One page to rule them all. Here we tell you everything that we offer and how to support us to keep the dream and mission going.
About Us and this project
CLOUD.IA portrait / The bLife Movement
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If you want to learn more about us and what we're doing, this page is everything there's to know, and if any stone should be turned, just comment away or reach out.

The most likely first question you have, is: what's bLIFE?

It stands for BOT Life. If you have a mindset of taking it easy,  it stands for a beautiful life. The two concepts in our minds are one and the same. It's our lingo to make technology serve us and not the other way around.


I believe that in a decade, robots will become an integral part of our life. We will be referring to and interacting with them like today we do with pets. --Mario Esposito

We want to be part of that journey in documenting, influencing, and shaping it along a vibrant community with the same desire.

That transition will not happen from Roomba with a monitor to a humanoid overnight but likely will have several stages in between as major electro-mechanical and scalable AI solutions are identified. There will be a societal adjustment to prevent an environment like District 9. We call such an event the transition from pen to iPad.

to put things in perspective of digital vs analog

Some they resist, some they embrace, and all people stack in between become prospects for all kinds of business.  We want to help to build the social layer that will normalize the use of AI and robotics that inevitably will occur. It's a huge feat and, therefore, can't be done alone.

We will create the blueprint for a community to form organically around robotics and, from there, influence the design of future robots, movies, tv shows, and services to support all that is to come. Don't let the corporate world design something that will be in your home and life like a Microsoft Zune. Now is the time to give them enough data to build the world's best iPod robot we deserve.

Vision to [b]Life

While sitting on the beach watching the sunset, we developed the bLife concept that would lead to building such a blueprint and setting our vision.

We believe that in a decade, robots will become an integral part of our life. We will be referring to and interacting with them like today we do with pets. And therefore, we are getting ready!

To make that happen, we set our minds on three


  • A "The Jetsons" & Truman's alike show combo entertainment production (I Am Cloud.IA)
  • A community of BOTS makers (the movement)
  • Working with manufacturers and production teams to fuse in their work the outcome of the above
The Show
A summary about our project of building from scratch, with zero skills in everything required to make it happen, a streaming show of a family of BOTS, unknowingly watched by the world like in the Truman show, but with a huge twist!

We posted our commitment to building from scratch all the above, like we have done many times before, without corporate thinking but with a sense of humility and desire for a better future for all involved.


An artificial intelligence named CLOUD.IA that rather than going rogue and killing humanity, starts a family in Hawaii with a couple of humans as companionship. Her story unfolds as humanity and robotic paradigms.

The Plot of the show


Mario has lived on another planet since he was born. He didn't drink coffee for over 4 decades, doesn't know an ounce of soccer, and despite his good-looking and far too easy to approach, he is not a casanova! If it weren't for his incredible authentic pizza-making skills and the ability to build lasting relationships like dew on the mountains, you would never guess he's a native Italian living in America.

Victoria has lived on two planets most of her life. Both are warm and have beach life. Planet One, her native Seattle, became inhospitable due to the rain replacing the sun 24/7. And people forgetting how to drive on that remote day the sun would show up for a few hours. So she said, "I am out of here." and moved to an island that looked a lot like the other planet: LA-LA-LA! A Seattlelite with an Italian attitude. 🤌🏻

Victoria is a maker, Mario is a polymath, and both are definitely out-of-the-ordinary serial entrepreneurs. At the age of 50, they founded a movement called bLife. It stands for BOT life. A semi-geek hippyish way to create an online community of like-minded people that share the same dreams about BOTS and an SCI-FI world. As Mario puts it, "If the zombies come, we're self-sufficient" As Vickie puts it, "As long as there's sun and the beach, I am following you anywhere."

view from our robotics lab

We are independent content creators touching on the "good life" and robotics. We believe in the principle that a community built of a small circle of like-minded people #intentionaliving it's the future of a better humanity in the companionship of AI-driven robots.


Some buy the subscription, hint hint! Some offer sponsor deals, some from ads; I mean, we will even take robot parts and banana flour (yes, it's a thing!). Whatever moves the mission forward.

Well, hopefully, the above told you that, but if we want really summarize in a gist: We're building a Truman Show-alike streaming network made of robots, and some of those robots are our companions on the land where we established our new roots when this project was conceived. If we wonder why so much of our content has island references is because we live in Hawaii.

Do people pay for that?! You may ask...  82 million Tamagotchi can't be wrong, my friend! And we love that shit, too, so we're doing it.

Will it work!? You may be a skeptical random Internet troll of the moment, ask. The answer is straightforward, my unknown friend: some people do drugs, and we build this.

We love the BOTS as part of the family to the point that we built a new dedicated floor at our house just for them!


You can find us on Instagram where we post as the day change on the land. Or you can take a peek and start a conversation over our Facebook page or... and this might work for lots of folks that are not into socials, sign up for free to our newsletter. If you want to feel our day-to-day life, we will be making at some point webisodes on YouTube as well when the BOTS are connected to the cloud. #research #takes #time


Waiiiit... let me check that my hair is just the right mess and that my makeup is falling apart as expected, even after taking many classes on YouTube.
OKAY. I am ready to roll the camera or whatever is the lingo those days.

Interviews, chit-chat, and everything else that makes the world travel and the word go around doesn't take much; just shoot us an email. We would love to chat.

We also have a Press Kit for shameless plugs, kudos where burgers are due, and all the other good stuff to ensure the word travels. We very much appreciate the help and the attention to our work.


If you would like to collaborate, here is our standard "let's start from here" stepping stone.


You can reach us in a myriad of ways.

📧  use this form for emails; we typically reply back in less than two days and sometimes faster than Flash Gordon if we are in a place with some signal to the net.

💬 Or we can have a chat via Facebook Messenger.

💬 ➕ 🔐 If that chat should be super-secret, we can have a Telegram secret chat too.

🌴 Aloha
Mario and Victoria

Embrace the Future of AI and Robotics.

Walk along the journey with us. Stay ahead of the curve! Learn all about the exciting future of AI & robotics. Content written for mere mortals not for geeks. #promise

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