This dog fetches bolts! Unitree Go2, Next-Level Quadruped Robot

The Unitree Go2 represents the latest innovation from Unitree Robotics, a company that's becoming synonymous with cutting-edge quadruped robots
Victoria Esposito 8 min read
This dog fetches bolts! Unitree Go2, Next-Level Quadruped Robot

Last year, we told you about a cheap quadbot from China called GO1. They just made it better and cheaper! Go go go 2!

Unitree: Who let the dogs out?!
From companionship to security cruiser, the GO1 by Unitree has potential at a price that no one else offers. There is so much potential and innovation in this package that you should not overlook.

The Unitree Go2 represents the latest innovation from Unitree Robotics, a company that's becoming synonymous with cutting-edge quadruped robots. As a successor to its predecessor, the Unitree Go1, the Go2 is enhanced with improved abilities such as advanced 4D LIDAR for navigation and an intelligent side-follow system.

This quadruped robot is designed to interact with a variety of environments, demonstrating Unitree's commitment to pioneering new paths in the field of robotics.

Equipped with high-definition cameras and a sophisticated recognition system, the Unitree Go2 is an intelligent bionic machine that can recognize, run, and adeptly handle diverse terrains and obstacles.

The blend of these features with its extended battery life and over-the-air (OTA) upgrade capability signifies a step forward in the realm of consumer-accessible robotics.

Unitree's focus on affordability and functionality has made the Go2 a tool for researchers and hobbyists and a companion for tech enthusiasts looking to explore the future of embodied AI. With the integration of big model GPT empowerment, Unitree is setting the stage for robots that are not only mechanically proficient but also cognitively advanced.

The Lingering Question

How much is it? The basic version is $2,000, and that includes the average shipping cost, customs not included, and that's it. If a bit in your brain just flipped and flagged the memory registry "too much". Then you should ask your best friend (for a trust worth info) how much a flesh and bark dog costs on average over their period of life. In food, vet, toys, and... well, you got the point. Just buy it, and your mind and inner child will unlock and rock the people around you. You will be surprised by the kind of bonding you will be developing as you come to make the dog perform tricks without tossing tricks. Well, we toss to them (Air and Pro) 3D-printed treats because we are evil like that 😅⥅🤖

Design and Specifications

Unitree's Go2 robot dog is engineered for enhanced performance and versatility, featuring state-of-the-art technologies such as 4D LIDAR for superior recognition and navigation. It's designed to meet the demands of modern robotics enthusiasts and professionals alike, with a focus on power efficiency and nimble movement.

The "4th dimension" in 4D LiDAR usually refers to the ability to measure and incorporate the velocity of objects, essentially capturing how objects move over time. This is achieved by analyzing the Doppler shift in the frequency of the returned light, which changes in relation to the relative velocity of the object moving towards or away from the LiDAR sensor.

Feature Description
Model Unitree Go2
Type Quadruped Robot
Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 72 x 31 x 40 (in cm)
Speed Up to Y m/s (where Y is the top speed)
Battery Life 2-4 hours of continuous operation
Control Remote control, smartphone app, autonomous modes
Sensors LiDAR, depth cameras, IMU, GPS
Payload Capacity A kg (where A is the maximum payload)
Connectivity Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, possibly 4G/5G
Durability IP rating for dust and water resistance
Software Customizable SDK, pre-programmed behaviors, machine learning capabilities

Motor Performance

At the core of the Go2's capabilities is its Peak Joint Torque of approximately 45N.m, which indicates a robust motor performance for quick and responsive movements. This impressive torque output underscores its ability to navigate different terrains with relative ease. The Unitree Go2 can reach a Max Running Speed of around 5m/s, as tested in lab conditions, showcasing its swift maneuverability. We have been using it in very ragged environments and on asphalt, and the biggest drawback of the speed was the Bluetooth range. In a home, you will experience real close lab conditions and in some cases (tiles) even slightly better, on average.

The Battery Capacity of Go2 allows for an Ultra-long battery Endurance, ranging approximately 2-4 hours. The endurance level is measured under real-life conditions, signifying a balance between operational capability and power efficiency. This enables the Go2 to conduct extended missions without frequent recharging. To put it in Tesla range words, if you drive to the store, you charge your car every 4 hours. If you go to the store in a lot of traffic at night, with frequent stops and WTF moments, you light lower than 2 hours. How many commands you send to the robot (controller or phone used as controller) significantly affects how long you can play with the robot.

The 4D LIDAR L1 technology on Unitree Go2 significantly enhances its spatial recognition, deploying 360° x 90° hemispherical ultra-wide coverage and a minimal blind spot of 0.05m. This integration of an Ultra-wide 4D LIDAR ensures the robot dog is well-equipped for an all-terrain recognizing capability, cementing its place as a cutting-edge tool for robotics research and application.

Connectivity and Control

The Unitree Go2 Robot Dog boasts sophisticated connectivity and control features, allowing users versatile interactions with the device through various methods such as remote controllers, mobile applications, and wireless communication protocols.

Remote Control Options

The Go2 can be manually controlled with a bimanual remote control designed specifically for it. This enables precise manipulation of the robot's movements and postures, providing reliable control up to 100 meters in distance. The most important note about the controller is cast into a simple principle:

Do I want to maneuver my dog like an RC car?

If the answer is no, then the phone app is quite good and offers the same level of control. For fine-tuning movements, the remote control is a must.

Wireless Communications

Unitree Go2 supports multiple wireless communication standards. It has built-in modules for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, allowing for a stable connection with mobile apps and additional peripherals. Furthermore, the integration of 4G and ESIM technology enables remote control over cellular networks, significantly expanding the operational range and use cases.

If they work this good, at CES, with so many phones and wifi spread around, they can work anywhere. --CES

App Integration

Control and customization of the Go2 are enhanced by the companion mobile app, which offers an intuitive interface for setting up remote control information. Through the app, users can also access advanced functionalities like voice commands to execute actions seamlessly.

By employing these advanced connectivity and control options, the Unitree Go2 positions itself as an accessible and user-friendly quadruped robot for a diverse user base.

Functionality and Performance

Unitree Go2 is a remarkable leap in robotic mobility and versatility. It has been designed to navigate complex environments and handle tasks with precision.

I can't stress enough how much Unitree has contributed to research, robotics integration in human life and overall offering a platform for doing Leonardo's work without having to invent the wheel again. It's a remarkable piece of engineering and my only pet pevees (pun!) is with the battery life. If you use the robot daily that will be the major stopper for utilizing the dog to its full potential.

Movement Capabilities

The Go2 possesses sophisticated locomotion algorithms enabling it to traverse various terrains with ease. It can dance, navigate slopes, and maneuver around obstacles, demonstrating its agility. The Go2 Pro variant further enhances these capabilities with upgraded sensors and motors that deliver refined movement and stability, ensuring the robot can carry out more dynamic tasks and activities.

Obstacle Avoidance Systems

Incorporated within the Go2 is Unitree's proprietary 4D LIDAR technology, which provides a 360°x90° hemispherical field of vision. This allows for exceptional obstacle avoidance, with a detection distance as low as 0.05m. This system ensures that the Go2 can operate safely and efficiently, whether in a crowded environment or an unpredictable outdoor setting.

Payload and Attachments

The versatility of the Go2 is significantly enhanced by its capability to carry payloads and support high-performance accessories. It can be equipped with a robotic arm for interacting with objects, increasing its application scope, from research to practical assistance tasks. Moreover, with endurance being a key factor, the Go2 series is designed to perform these tasks over extended periods, pushing the boundaries of operational time in the field.

Programming and AI Features

The Unitree Go2's programmability and AI capabilities provide a transformative approach to robotics, marrying real-time processing with embodied AI for advanced recognition and interaction.

Coding and Customization

The Go2 robot dog by Unitree offers a flexible platform for Graphical Programming that allows both novice and expert programmers to tailor the robot's functions to specific needs. It utilizes a visual interface that simplifies the coding process, enabling the creation of custom behaviors and tasks.

AI and Machine Learning

Unitree's Go2 is embedded with AI and machine learning frameworks that power its decision-making processes in real-time. These systems provide the foundation for Embodied AI, which integrates physical and cognitive skills, allowing the robot to adapt and learn from its environment dynamically.

Recognition and Sensing Technologies

The Go2's recognition system encompasses a self-developed 4D LIDAR L1, which affords it a 360°x90° ultra-wide field of view for hemispherical detection. Such a comprehensive scan capability, paired with a force sensor that detects and measures the pressure of physical interaction, makes it proficient in all-terrain navigation with minimal blind spots Unitree's self-developed 4D LIDAR. This might doggies comes also with attachments that you can add after or during your purchase, like a simplified but effective mechanical arm.

Purchase and Support

When considering the acquisition of the Unitree Go2, potential buyers are presented with various models and clearly defined pricing structures. The company also offers extensive after-sales services to support and maintain your investment in this cutting-edge technology.

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Models and Pricing

The Unitree Go2 is offered in different configurations tailored to cater to both consumer-grade and industry-specific needs. The base model is competitively priced, starting at $1,600 and features include standard 4D ultra-wide LIDAR and advanced recognition systems. For educational institutions and businesses seeking additional features, the Edu Version of the Unitree Go2 is available, which includes extras such as a battery, battery charger, and user manual, all for the price of $13,900 as shown on Top3DShop. This model embodies the union of practical robotics education and industry application.

After-Sales Service

Unitree provides a one-year warranty with local U.S. support and the option to purchase additional services post-warranty. Maintenance is conditional, and any unauthorized modifications can invalidate the warranty. They offer professional custom robots tech support, catering to all levels of the consumer-grade quadruped robots industry. It's essential for businesses to comply with Unitree's guidelines to benefit fully from their support services.

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Unitree: Who let the dogs out?!

Unitree: Who let the dogs out?!

From companionship to security cruiser, the GO1 by Unitree has potential at a price that no one else offers. There is so much potential and innovation in this package that you should not overlook.
Mario Esposito 10 min read

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