What are quadbots?

The world of robotics is becoming more and more invasive in our daily lives. As the trend continue to raise, new jargon it is thrown at you. Pages like this, are to serve you a quick and dirty explanation of those terms that at some point will become the norm.

A quadbot is a type of robot with four legs. The word "quad" refers to the number of legs, and "bot" is short for robot. Quadbots can come in various sizes and forms, but they all share the characteristic of using four legs for locomotion.

Here are some key features of quadbots:

  • Agility: Due to their legged design, quadbots can navigate uneven terrain, climb obstacles, and maneuver in tight spaces more easily than wheeled robots.
  • Stability: Having four legs contributes to stability, allowing them to stand and balance even on uneven surfaces.
  • Versatility: Depending on their design and capabilities, quadbots can be used for various tasks, such as exploration, search and rescue, package delivery, entertainment, and research.

Here are some specific examples of quadbots:

  • Boston Dynamics Spot: A commercially available, dog-like robot used for research and industrial applications.
  • ANYmal: Another commercially available quadruped robot used for industrial tasks and research.
  • DARPA Robotics Challenge robots: Many robots participating in this competition were quadbots designed for disaster response and rescue.
  • Hobbyist quadbots: Many people build and program their own quadbots for educational or recreational purposes.

Overall, quadbots are a diverse and promising category of robots with wide-ranging potential applications. Their ability to overcome obstacles and traverse challenging terrain makes them particularly suited for tasks requiring mobility and adaptability.

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Robot Dogs: Research & Market Landscape

Robot Dog Developer Status Focus Key Features Price (USD) Website
Spot Boston Dynamics Released Research & Industry Agility, navigation, manipulation Varies (>$75,000) https://bostondynamics.com/products/spot/
ANYmal ANYbotics Released Industry & Research Precise movement, high payload capacity Varies (>$60,000) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=P6y_dhFTgik
Unitree Go1 Unitree Robotics Released Research & Recreation Compact size, agility, modularity $2,799 https://unitreerobotics.net/
Ghost Robotics Vision 60 Ghost Robotics Released Military & Security Durability, autonomy, remote control Unavailable https://www.ghostrobotics.io/
Laikago Unitree Robotics Research Bioinspired movement, high agility Not available (research prototype) https://unitreerobotics.net/
ANYmal X ANYbotics Research Increased speed and payload, ruggedness Not available (research prototype) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=P6y_dhFTgik
Alphadog Unitree Robotics Released Companion, Education Pet-like interaction, intelligent learning Varies (from $4,990) [[invalid URL removed]]([invalid URL removed])
Spot Mini Boston Dynamics Released Research & Education Smaller version of Spot, quiet operation Not available (limited release) https://bostondynamics.com/products/spot/
Aibo Sony Discontinued Companion Emotional interactions, pet-like behavior N/A (used market only) https://us.aibo.com/
iRobot Looj iRobot Discontinued Toy Learning, entertainment, interaction N/A (used market only) https://www.irobot.com/
Mi CyberDog Xiaomi Released Companion, Entertainment Camera, LiDAR, obstacle avoidance, voice control $1,549 https://www.giztop.com/xiaomi-cyberdog.html

In the realm of notable quadruped robots, several other projects and robots have made significant impacts in both research and commercial sectors. Below are additional entries that, while not previously mentioned, represent important contributions to the field:

  1. Cheetah Robot - MIT's Biomimetic Robotics Lab
  2. Mini Cheetah - MIT
  3. HyQReal - Italian Institute of Technology
  4. Stanford Doggo - Stanford University
  5. Aliengo - Unitree Robotics
  6. Minitaur - Ghost Robotics
Wikiwand - List of robotic dogs
Robotic dogs are robots designed to resemble dogs in appearance and behavior, usually incorporating canine characteristics such as barking or tail-wagging. In addition, many such “dogs” have appeared as toys and in fiction.
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