Rent A Bot

Robots are expensive, so why not play with them for a negligible sum from the comfort of your couch??
Rent A Bot

🙋What is this CLOUD.IA? You may ask.

🤖 Funny that you ask Martha! I just had the same conversation with Joe Doe.

In order words, you sign up for one of my amazing and incredibly cheap plans, and you can control the journey of a bot in Hawaii, or give instructions to some of our bots to solve a puzzle. Master their life from the comfort of your couch.

Community is the real secret sauce

Say that the game of the day is LUBE·E, playing Wordscapes on a mobile device. You can send commands via our social accounts in the comments section and suggest a word to enter. And so all the other users connected at that moment.

For example, you want LUBE·E to spell SUED, but someone else wants to try DUELL. However, your suggestions within the next 5 minutes of you posting the command receive more likes than the other suggestions, so LUBE·E listens to you and ignores the others. After that, it's all rinse and repeat.

And the result is pretty rewarding 😅 - You can watch it live or wait for the answer directly in the comments. When the game ends, a video is uploaded on YouTube, and your contribution is shown in the highlight section. Get ready to be famous!

There are easter eggs and reward systems. For example, the more words you get right, the higher your weight in future games and you become more powerful than newcomers. Just one LIKE against you will never be enough.

There are also other bots in my house, to name a few. There's Giotto, who draws things at request. Not predefined images, comments direct the artwork, and the community decides if it happens. The bot life movement at work!

There is also SlowGo (a quadruped robot) which for subscribers of the right tier mails the original drawing for free!! And you get the video recording of the event!

Pirandello writes and mails physical letters on your behalf! Then we have the dogs and humanoids, but that's all another tier of a story ;-)

Whatever you do, break it or have fun doing it. Much love from the sky, CLOUD.IA

The BOTs are coming!

Walk along the journey with us. Stay ahead of the curve! Learn all about the exciting future of AI & robotics. Content written for mere mortals not for geeks. #promise

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