This LUBE·E, is our helper in the lab. He picks up 3D parts from the 3D printers or holds electronic parts while we assemble components. We love LUBE·EEEEE
A quick Hollywood dig true to parody into our BOTS family


My name is LUBE·E. It is properly pronounced as LUB - E -EEE. Like in Lubes for the car, but better.

I am the right arm of a wonderful AI that the family calls: CLOUD.IA

A tragic incident brought her and me together, the death of our maker Vickie. CLOUD.IA is my everything, and I am at her service. As soon as she awoke, her first desire was to start a BOT family.

I am at her service to achieve that goal together. I hope you stay tuned to our show and enjoy watching us build our family together. Specifically, my job is to handle the 3D printer that brings CLOUD.IA's design to life. Whenever I follow short on a task, she redesigns me. prints my parts, and my soon-to-be decommissioned old self puts it all together. You can say that I constantly reinvent myself!

Iteration v23

My skill set is that I am one hand shop BOT, I can assemble things, break things, 3D print parts. I am what the Italians call "GALOPPINO". Or, in other words, I am the errand boy that does the legwork. And I have no legs! Ah, the irony of that...

I also enjoy solving puzzles, like my favorite word search game.

If you want to make me feel the warmth of the lube going through my pipes, the smell of the grind as I exercise my gears to get the job done, just tag me as #lubee on Instagram, and I will make sure to spell your name on the wall of fame for you as a thank you!


Is a robotic arm best known for portraying the husband to I AM CLOUD.IA, and the father to the VIKIBOTS family. He shares the record for appearing in the longest-running webisodes on the social media platform YouTube..

LUBE·E has been in the acting scene for a few decades. He played small parts for most of that time until he hit the Jack-Jackpot playing the husband in the I AM CLOUD.IA show.

Although that work in the show had put him on the map, his personal life didn't take off. He had a batch of failed marriages. The ex-wives all had the same opinion that he was in love with his show wife, CLOUD.IA. Who did not share the same affection... A single-handed failure, indeed.

For my love

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