Weilan Alpha dog. If Rolex made cyber dogs

If Apple had designed a dog and that dog would have crossed with a Unitree GO2, their babies would looked like an Alphadog. Oh... and no dog walker or poop bags are required.
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Weilan Alpha dog. If Rolex made cyber dogs
no poop bags are required.

Remember the time when you took the dog out for a walk?

Later, life got even busier for some of us humans, and the profession of dog walker became a real thing. Essentially, you hire someone to walk the dog that you don't have the time to walk and poop spotting.

There's a concrete chance that the AI may cannibalize that line of work too because more and more quadbots shaped like dogs continue to appear in research and the marketplace. Most of them are born in China. Karma has an interesting taste for revenge.

Dog ownership was banned under the leadership of communist China’s founder Mao Zedong — but has since boomed dramatically. In the first month of sales, more than 1,800 AlphaDogs were sold despite the hefty price tag of 16,000 yuan ($2,400).

UNITREE - The bLife Movement™
Unitree is a robot and power system component developer. It operates as a robotics company focusing on the independent development, production, and sales of consumer and industry-grade high-performance quadruped robots and dexterous robotic arms. The company was founded in 2016 and is based in Hangzhou, China.

Robot Dogs: Research & Market Landscape

Robot Dog Developer Status Focus Key Features Price (USD) Website
Spot Boston Dynamics Released Research & Industry Agility, navigation, manipulation Varies (>$75,000) https://bostondynamics.com/products/spot/
ANYmal ANYbotics Released Industry & Research Precise movement, high payload capacity Varies (>$60,000) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=P6y_dhFTgik
Unitree Go1 Unitree Robotics Released Research & Recreation Compact size, agility, modularity $2,799 https://unitreerobotics.net/
Ghost Robotics Vision 60 Ghost Robotics Released Military & Security Durability, autonomy, remote control Unavailable https://www.ghostrobotics.io/
Laikago Unitree Robotics Research Bioinspired movement, high agility Not available (research prototype) https://unitreerobotics.net/
Alphadog Unitree Robotics Released Companion, Education Pet-like interaction, intelligent learning Varies (from $4,990)
Spot Mini Boston Dynamics Released Research & Education Smaller version of Spot, quiet operation Not available (limited release) https://bostondynamics.com/products/spot/
Aibo Sony Discontinued Companion Emotional interactions, pet-like behavior N/A (used market only) https://us.aibo.com/
iRobot Looj iRobot Discontinued Toy Learning, entertainment, interaction N/A (used market only) https://www.irobot.com/
Mi CyberDog Xiaomi Released Companion, Entertainment Camera, LiDAR, obstacle avoidance, voice control $1,549 https://www.giztop.com/xiaomi-cyberdog.html
AlphaDog Technology Integration

The realm of robotics has witnessed considerable advancement in recent years. One of the most captivating developments comes in the form of quadruped robots. Among these, the AlphaDog, developed by the Nanjing-based tech firm Weilan, stands out as a significant leap towards integrating robotics into daily life.

Designed to mimic the behaviors and abilities of a real dog, the AlphaDog utilizes a combination of sensors and artificial intelligence to navigate and operate in diverse environments. This quadruped platform is not only an embodiment of future technology but also a tool purported to extend the creative capabilities of its users.

Weilan's approach to robotics emphasizes innovation and functionality, delivering a product that strives for both excellence in design and quality of performance. The AlphaDog's versatility is enhanced by its C-Series and E-Series models, which come with varying capabilities intended to suit different applications and user needs.

Each iteration offers improvements in autonomy, speed, and interaction, pushing the boundaries of what's possible with robotic companions.

The impact of the AlphaDog in practical applications is particularly prominent, showcasing the potential of robotic assistance in tasks ranging from parcel delivery to stability support. Its creators have leveraged 5G technology to ensure the AlphaDog can respond and operate with near-instantaneous reaction times, granting it a level of operability that closely mirrors the instinctual responses of living creatures.

As robotics continue to evolve, platforms like the AlphaDog may well become an integral component of both industry and home, redefining the paradigm of human-robot interaction.

Weilan Alphadog Overview

The Weilan Alphadog is a product of innovative engineering developed by the China-based tech firm Weilan. This quadruped robot is designed with the capacity to follow orders and perform tasks autonomously. It incorporates sensors and artificial intelligence, which enable it to navigate a variety of environments.


  • Models: C-Series, E-Series
    • C100, C200
    • E300, E400L
  • Functionalities: Task execution, parcel delivery, and interactive activities

The Alphadog's structure mirrors that of an actual dog, providing a familiar aesthetic that is both approachable and functional. Its advanced AI equips it with capabilities such as object recognition, environmental perception, and autonomous decision-making.

Moreover, the Alphadog can interact with humans, offering a semblance of companionship alongside its practical applications. It is also advertised as the fastest robodog on the market, reflecting Weilan's commitment to pushing the boundaries of robotic technology.

As technology and pet culture intersect, the Alphadog represents a unique blend of both worlds. Its design eliminates common drawbacks of live pets, such as maintenance and messes, while providing utility in everyday tasks. Weilan promotes the Alphadog as a balance of design, quality, and innovation, striving to engage users with the future of robotic companionship.

Design and Specifications

The Weilan AlphaDog is a technological marvel characterized by its sophisticated mechanical design and advanced software capabilities. Its hardware components are crafted from high-grade materials for optimal performance. The company claims that the thanks to the full metal limps the dog can run up to 15mph!

Mechanical Design

The AlphaDog C-Series features an aerospace materials and ultra-lightweight design which offers superior durability and agility. Its 4-legged structure is capable of navigating a variety of terrains, reflecting a significant mechanical engineering triumph.

Hardware Components

Among its hardware components, the AlphaDog boasts enhanced actuator systems and sensors. These include 3D cameras and advanced LIDAR technology, enabling the robot dog to recognize and navigate its environment effectively.

Software and Control Systems

The AlphaDog leverages software and control systems that integrate 3D map construction and terrain 3D structure recognition for autonomous operation. It also possesses robust capabilities for dynamic obstacle recognition which support its low-speed automatic driving functions and precise positioning.

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Capabilities and Performance

The WEILAN AlphaDog is a technological innovation in the form of a quadruped robot designed for various applications from entertainment to development support. With industry-leading performance, it presents a host of functionalities tailored for robot aficionados and developers beginning to explore robotic platforms.

  • Size: AlphaDog C100 is a medium-sized platform, striking a balance between agility and stability.
  • Speed: It has been reported to reach impressive speeds, with one version setting a record in its category.
  • Cost-effectiveness: It is competitively priced in the market, making advanced robotics more accessible. Although it must be noted that due to port of origin (China) to the price listed on their site you have to add shipping (typically $400) and custom toll. That latter can be hefty based on your port of entry.
Feature Description
Robustness Built to withstand challenging environments and repetitive tasks.
Functionality Full suite of capabilities for versatile use cases.
Ease of Access Software and hardware designed to be user-friendly.

The robot's movement is fluid and dynamic, simulating the locomotion of its living counterpart, the dog. Its capabilities are not merely restricted to movement; AlphaDog also possesses sensory faculties allowing interaction with its environment, making it a responsive and practical tool in a variety of settings. They are engineered for robustness and functionality without compromising on cost-effectiveness, ensuring a broad appeal.

FIGURE 01: A humanoid in every home
If your Humanoid has wheels, stop calling it as such. Bipedal has a level of complexity that would be the same as comparing a Fiat 500 with a Ferrari.

This could be the perfect dog for Figure 01

To better understand the potential of AlphaDog and how it measures up to its contemporaries, one can refer to a detailed Field Test of AlphaDog C-Series or examine the spectrum of models and specifications detailed by WEILAN itself through their AlphaDog product portfolio.


The AlphaDog robot by WEILAN serves practical functions in industrial settings and serves as an educational tool in research. Each environment leverages the robot's advanced sensory and AI capabilities to enhance efficiency and learning.

Industrial Use

In industrial environments, the AlphaDog represents a leap towards automation and smart assistance. Specifically, this robotic dog is utilized for tasks such as patrolling, surveillance, and transporting goods.

  • Patrolling: Employing advanced sensors, the AlphaDog can monitor premises for security purposes, operating autonomously with minimal human intervention.
  • Surveillance: It can be equipped with cameras and other monitoring equipment to provide real-time data, helping industries maintain safety standards.
  • Transport: As a robotic mobility platform, it can move materials between locations, reducing labor costs and increasing workplace efficiency.
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Research and Education

The AlphaDog's AI technology is at the forefront of educational methodologies, with its sophisticated design being dissected and studied in research labs and institutions. For students and researchers alike, the AlphaDog serves as a practical example of reinforcement learning and AI application in robotics. The following highlights its use:

  • Learning Aid: Students can interact with AlphaDog to understand AI and robotics principles, experiencing theory applied in practical work.
  • Research Projects: The robot serves as a foundation for experiments, helping researchers to test new algorithms and conduct trials on mobility, machine learning, and sensory perception.

In December of last year they announced BabyAlphadog which particularly aids to to position the quadbot as a family member. When we spoke with their PR representative over WeChat we learned that the target price for the BabyAlpha is $1300 plus the usual suspects. Very affordable all vet visits considered!

Development and Updates

The WEILAN AlphaDog has undergone significant development since its introduction, bringing industry-leading performance in quadruped robotics to developers and enthusiasts. The evolution of the AlphaDog includes both foundational capabilities and recent technological advancements.

Initial Release

WEILAN's initial release of the AlphaDog set a benchmark for medium-sized quadruped robots. It was marketed as the most cost-effective product in its category, offering a Software Development Kit (SDK) that granted developers the tools to customize and extend the robot's functionalities.

However, in the meanwhile Unitree with GO2 caught up really well and although not sporting a flashing color and design like Alphadog they are definitely in for a strong fight in the space.

This dog fetches bolts! Unitree Go2, Next-Level Quadruped Robot
The Unitree Go2 represents the latest innovation from Unitree Robotics, a company that’s becoming synonymous with cutting-edge quadruped robots

While the news of the day in the field of robotics are heavily skewed for humanoids, we believe that quadbots are in for a massive surprise when their autonomous capabilities and battery efficiency reaches levels high enough for daily use.

With the exception of the 70K (base model) Spot from Boston Dynamics, all other quadbots are not designed to self charge, you have to physically remove the battery, which makes, and I can't believe I am saying this:

roomba significantly smarter!

We have no doubts that is just matter of bones and tricks, that change might just a few barks away! Until then woof woof

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