Meet Optimus (Prime Rib)

Tesla storms into robotics with the Tesla Bot! The humanoid bot will stand 5'8" tall, weigh 125 lbs, and leverage Tesla's self-driving AI. Nicknamed 'Optimus', the Tesla Bot is designed to take over dull, repetitive, and hazardous tasks so humans don't have to.
Mario Esposito 1 min read
Meet Optimus (Prime Rib)

Optimus, also known as Tesla Bot, is a humanoid robot designed by Tesla. The robot is designed to perform tasks that humans may find dangerous, tedious, or boring. For example, Optimus could maneuver through supermarket aisles, carry groceries, or fix a leaky faucet. Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced Optimus at the company's Artificial Intelligence (AI) Day event in August 2021. He said that Tesla would likely build a prototype by 2022.  The prototype was unveiled at the company's AI Day in September 2022. Musk said that Optimus will be mass produced and cost less than a car to purchase. Optimus is 5'8" tall and weighs 125 pounds. It can walk at a maximum of 5 MPH, carry 45 pounds, and dead lift 150. Optimus uses systems developed for the self-driving Autopilot systems in Tesla's electric cars to sense the world around it, map it, and navigate it.

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Tesla takes Optimus to the next level!

Tesla takes Optimus to the next level!

Musk has done it again. Before even releasing anything in terms of humanoids, dozen of companies are rushing to compete in the same identical space. And that is not because it's cool but because it's gold rush of the future. TRILLION$!
Mario Esposito 8 min read

The BOTs are coming!

Walk along the journey with us. Stay ahead of the curve! Learn all about the exciting future of AI & robotics. Content written for mere mortals not for geeks. #promise

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