Vickie is the roboticist main character of the I AM CLOUD.IA show and this her IMDBot page. Tadaaaa!


Vickie's primary career for most of her adult life was at Robot Metropolis Inc., the leading robot company. After achieving the highest accolades in her field, she decided to pursue her second passion: acting. Her extensive background in robotics made her a natural choice, some might say almost preordained, for the role of the creator of CLOUD.IA. During filming, she went beyond acting and also assisted the writers with technical accuracy and the set producers in building the BOT family.


Vickie's dedication to her career as a roboticist meant sacrificing time for personal relationships and her appearance. Paparazzi rarely picture her anymore, as her predictable routines render photos almost identical: the same comfortable outfits, unvarying hairstyle, and meals consistently from the same restaurant.

Orphaned at a young age, Vickie grew up in foster care. Though they weren't bound by blood, she deeply loved her foster families for their care and empathy, values she strives to spread globally. While her intellect often surpassed theirs, she retreated into herself to avoid causing them the embarrassment of not understanding her.

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Vickie debugging NeuroPlink symbiosis, a process that bonds the soul with the machine.

Vickie never married; her first and only love has always been robotics. However, after experiencing the importance of family through the show, she has initiated adoption applications with a few bot agencies. Even if not blessed with a permanent placement, she is determined to extend her empathy and become a foster parent herself.

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