Vickie is the roboticist main character of the I AM CLOUD.IA show and this her IMDBot page. Tadaaaa!

Her main career for the majority of her adult life was working for the largest robot company, RobotMetropolis Inc. After winning the top awards in her field she decided to pursue her second passion: acting. Because of her background as a roboticist, she was naturally drawn and some would say designed to play the role of the maker of CLOUD.IA. During her time on the set, she not only helped the writers with the technical jargon but also the set producers in building the BOT family.

Vickie had dedicated most of her life to her career as a roboticist, which meant that she didn't have much time for personal relationships or her appearance. Most of the paparazzi have stopped taking photos of her since they all turn out to look the same. She is seen wearing the same frumpy outfits, same hairstyle and even her meals are always from the same restaurant.

She was orphaned as a young child and grew up in the foster system. She has stated in previous interviews that she truly loved her foster families because they displayed the most care and empathy towards her, even if they were not bonded by blood.  This level of humanity has led her to spread this throughout the world.  Her foster families couldn't keep up with her intellectually, therefore to save them from the embarrassment of not understanding what she was saying, she just kept to herself.  

She never married since her first and last love was always being a roboticist. In recent years, since being on the show, she has seen what value a family can have and she has applied for adoptions in a few select agencies. She is hopeful that even if she doesn't get a permanent placement, she is willing to spread empathy and become a foster parent herself.

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