FIFISH E-GO: Underwater exploration just got a fishing boost!

There are drones for the Sky and underwater. FIFISH is the equivalent of Skydio for fishy stuff ;-)
Victoria Esposito 8 min read
FIFISH E-GO: Underwater exploration just got a fishing boost!

The realm of underwater exploration is advancing rapidly, and the latest addition to this exciting field is the FIFISH E-GO, a cutting-edge underwater drone that is changing how enthusiasts and professionals alike engage with the marine environment. Equipped with innovative features like a 4K UHD camera, this drone is designed to capture breathtaking underwater footage, offering an ultra-wide-angle lens that provides expansive views of the aquatic domain.

My fascination with underwater robotics grows as technology like the FIFISH E-GO becomes more accessible.

lucky cat

Its modular design, coupled with powerful capabilities such as multi-load adaptability and the intelligence of AI-driven functions, showcases a significant leap from earlier models. This isn't just a drone; it’s a sophisticated tool that ensures precise movements and stability under challenging conditions, which is evident in its self-stabilization technology. Using Q-Steady 3.0 self-stabilization technology, the E-GO can maintain its position and orientation even in turbulent waters.

I recognize that adopting such technology isn't merely about the thrill of exploring the depths—it’s also about the valuable contributions to marine science, fisheries, and underwater operations. The drone's ability to resist strong currents and offer significant operational time makes it a practical companion for various underwater tasks. Although admittedly, spying on the whales in the Molokai (HI) channel would indeed be very cool!

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Whether it's monitoring marine life or inspecting submerged structures, the drone's features signify a leap towards more robust and efficient underwater activities.

Overview of the FIFISH E-GO

I've taken a look at the FIFISH E-GO, an innovative underwater drone from QYSEA Technology, which is designed to enhance underwater operations. This multipurpose robotic companion stands out due to its advanced modular design, allowing for an array of tasks to be completed with efficiency and precision.

If you feel itchy to buy one, don't be scared by the combo of drone and water and wrongly estimating that is too expensive. You would be presently surprised to read that they have models comparable to mode air-flown drones, like the Skydio.

FIFISH V6s ROV in Canada – Marine Thinking
this version for example is much more affordable than the fancy one below

This is just $1,300! And there's a large selection.

The E-GO's integrated aluminum housing is built for durability, ensuring that it can withstand challenging underwater environments. Its notable endurance is marked by a 2.5+ hours operational time, which can be extended thanks to a seamless battery replacement system. This feature enables uninterrupted exploration and operational tasks.

Movement underwater is both agile and quick, with the E-GO capable of reaching speeds of up to 3 knots. The omnidirectional movement ensures that it can maneuver smoothly in all directions.

Key Features:

    • Versatile Underwater Tasks: Advanced AI capabilities tailored for a variety of subsea ventures.
    • Endurance: More than 2.5 hours of operational time.
    • Speed and Agility: Uninterrupted movement at speeds up to 3 knots.
  • Capabilities:
    • Payload: Up to 5kg underwater payload, facilitated by multiple attachment ports.
    • Camera: The E-GO is equipped with a 4K UHD camera and an ultra-wide-angle lens, enhancing underwater visibility and recording capabilities.

I'm impressed by the robust add-ons, including up to six attachment ports, allowing for versatile equipment configurations. A little wallet-scared by their prices, but that is to be expected as all drone manufacturers use that lurking model. For operators in underwater exploration, marine research, or underwater cinematography, the FIFISH E-GO is a game-changer.

Underwater Exploration Capabilities

Let's dive a little deeper (pun!) in those capabilities.

Fifish V-EVO underwater drone takes the tech to new depths

Enhanced Mobility

The FIFISH E-GO boasts a design that's masterfully created for agility and strength in aquatic environments. Its powerful ring-wing motors allow for significant speed and maneuverability against stubborn underwater currents. With the capability to reach speeds over 3 knots (5.6 km/h), the E-GO is designed not just for speed but also to offer stability and control during subsea operations.

Intelligent Control Systems

For intelligent navigation, FIFISH E-GO integrates advanced AI capabilities that give me the confidence to perform intricate tasks under the surface. The drone's sophisticated control systems support innovations like fish detection and counting, and its AI automation ensures efficient and accurate measurement of subaquatic objects. These intelligent features elevate the E-GO's status to not just a tool but a smart companion for underwater exploration.

Fishing Enhancements

The FIFISH E-GO brings two key features to enhance the fishing experience: advanced bait deployment capabilities and sophisticated fish tracking technologies.

Bait Deployment Features

I can deploy baits with precision using the FIFISH E-GO's modular design. This underwater drone is equipped with attachment ports that allow me to customize it with various tools, such as bait droppers. With the drone's agile movement and uninterrupted endurance, I can navigate to my desired fishing spot, even in challenging conditions, and release the bait exactly where it's needed. My fishing strategy benefits significantly from this targeted approach. To be more exact without this I get no fish, unless my friend Eugene is the done doing the work 😅

Fish Tracking Technologies

Utilizing the FIFISH E-GO's AI-powered vision capabilities takes my fishing experience up a notch. By employing technologies like the Q-Steady 3.0 self-stabilization, I maintain a stable view underwater, crucial when monitoring and following fish movements. Moreover, the high-definition 4K UHD camera not only gives me crystal clear visuals but also assists with the AI's ability to lock onto targets. The ability to track and count fish within my drone's view can be a game-changer, informing my decisions on when and where to fish for optimal results.

Technical Specifications

In this section, I'll detail the FIFISH E-GO's battery capabilities, its imaging prowess, and the robustness of its design, providing you with a concise overview of its technical strengths.

Battery Life and Charging

Battery Performance: The FIFISH E-GO boasts an instant power replacement feature that takes just 9 seconds. Additionally, the device enables fast charging, reaching 90% power in just 50 minutes, which significantly reduces downtime between dives.

Portable Power Station: For extended operations, a portable power station is available, ensuring that I can keep the underwater robot operational without the need for a fixed power source.

Camera and Sensors

Wide-Angle Vision: Featuring a camera equipped with an ultra-wide 146° field of view and advanced image and color enhancements, I can capture crisp, clear underwater footage and stills.

AI-Enhanced Imaging: The onboard AI not only aids in fish detection and counting but also supports additional tasks such as detailed object measurements through traditional laser scaling and AI automation.

Physical Durability

Resistance to Underwater Currents: My FIFISH E-GO is designed to withstand rugged underwater conditions. Its powerful ring-wing motors allow it to maintain stability even against strong currents, achieving speeds of over 3 knots (5.6 km/h).

Depth Capabilities: Depending on the chosen model, the FIFISH E-GO can descend to a depth of 100 meters, with an option to upgrade for operations down to 200 meters, ensuring durability and functionality at various levels of oceanic exploration.

User Experience

In my exploration with the FIFISH E-GO, I've found user experience to be at the forefront, accommodating both new and seasoned explorers with its intuitive design and robust safety features.

Ease of Use

My initial interactions with the FIFISH E-GO were marked by its user-friendly interface. The 4K UHD camera with an ultra-wide-angle lens made capturing underwater footage remarkably simple and efficient. Handling the device is straightforward, thanks to its design, which is inspired by the hammerhead shark for exceptional stability and maneuverability in water. The modular nature of its components, such as the quick-release modules, played a pivotal role in simplifying the operation, even for someone who is not a technical expert.

  • Quick to deploy: I could set up and deploy the FIFISH E-GO without any hassle, which is critical when timing is key underwater.
  • Intuitive controls: The learning curve for operating the drone was minimal, which speaks volumes about its accessible design.

Safety Features

Safety is a fundamental concern when operating underwater equipment. My use of the FIFISH E-GO was replete with several built-in safety features to ensure a secure experience. Notably, the ring-wing motors not only allowed for precise movements but also contributed to the machine's three-knot speed capabilities, all while maintaining durability in rugged underwater conditions. This balance of power and control reassured me of my safety during operation.

  • Robust build: The internal core tank's resistance to pressure, corrosion, and crystallization meant that I could rely on the drone even in challenging conditions.
  • Stable performance: The well-designed structure ensures stability, which is essential for both safety and optimal camera use in varying underwater environments.

Purchasing Information

When considering the acquisition of the FIFISH E-GO, potential buyers need to be aware of the product’s pricing, availability, and the customer support offered.

Price Point

The FIFISH E-GO is positioned as a premium underwater drone with a price reflecting its advanced features and capabilities. Individuals interested in purchasing this piece of equipment can expect to find prices starting at $6,499.00 for basic configurations. That is specifically for this model I could test for a day. Additional accessories, such as the 2-Finger Robotic Arm | E-GO Version, are available at an extra cost. As I mentioned above, there are much cheaper options from the same company, you just don't get to pick your tools bag in the way I did 🤑

Fifish V-EVO Underwater Drone Takes The Tech To New Depths, 44% OFF

Availability and Shipping

Availability can sometimes be limited due to the high demand for this quality underwater drone. However, as of now, the FIFISH E-GO can be purchased directly from the QYSEA online store. Shipping terms and times vary, and potential buyers will need to check for specific details at the time of purchase.

Customer Support

QYSEA provides customer support for the FIFISH E-GO, assisting with inquiries pre- and post-sale. Their team is trained to help with various issues, from operational questions to troubleshooting. Buyers can reach out for support through the contact information provided on the official QYSEA website.

That's it folks, gotta fish before I return this fisherman for "AI"-re 😁

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