As a cake, it's a matter of tiers

We finally got around to upgrade our entryway & driveway surface so that we can stop digging holes every time we go in or out of the property... Here's what's new.
Mario Esposito 9 min read
As a cake, it's a matter of tiers
building with a strategy in mind
This article was created before this site became a popular pit stop for robot lovers. We keep writing this type of family news for all free members, because community comes first. If you are a paid user and have no interest in our Life On The Island, feel free to catch up on other topics on the site.

Our plan is to tackle the upgrades across all property in sections so that the progress of the changes falls naturally in place and fits with one another once it is all done. I have a particular talent for tackling very complex projects/things and the way I approach a resolution often feels, at first, backward or scattered. But in reality, when all come together it becomes clear why that approach was necessary in the first place.

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