Pearly Gate - Achievement unlocked!

This close our series of post on how we built a custom door for our bedroom - a story of cuddles, drilling and some fingers glued.
Victoria Esposito, Mario Esposito 9 min read
Pearly Gate - Achievement unlocked!

Just a few years ago when we decided that we wanted to have an off-grid life for better wellness and overall health we knew that we had to be prepared for it. Not just mentally but also skillset wise.

We have always been more active than the average couple when it comes to DIY projects however, before purchasing our property in Hawaii we knew that would have given a new life to our skillset.

Back in Seattle we bought heavy duty tools that otherwise we wouldn’t have ever thought needing and start aiming for projects that otherwise would have been a lot easier to hire a contractor for them.

Doing those by ourselves not only trained us for what we knew at some point we would have faced and in lesser optimal situations but in addition increased the value of our first property.

My husband is an unorthodox character but when it move the right energy in the right place is an example to be followed by anyone.

Everything he has been preaching to the family about “what if the zombie arrives and we are not ready” looked ridiculous when at dinner he was opening, once again, the subject. And then just two years later COVID-19 made us look stupid in retrospective.

So now when he says “we need to learn how to do this…” I don’t put it in the back burner, I try to win over my inner laziness, I strive to do better. The day we purchased our land in Hawaii, I was SUPER excited to the idea. Not just for the glamour of such a emblazoned place but rather because it was going to be our canvas of all we had been learning while leaving in the "wets" of Washington.

And just like in the WA state we tried to hire people for getting some additional stuff done and just like many others, quotes arrived, astronomically late after a zillion of pings and where so outlandish that we looked at each other and said “fuck it, we do it by ourselves!”

I was a tad scared when a tiny shed became a lab for makers plus greenhouse with water, power and wi-fi. And yet, as soon we start building I was feeling like Madonna in 80s throwing her panties to the crowd. Wild and driven!

We built an amazing structure in 10 days with 5% of what was asked for 80% smaller structure. I felt really good about the ability to get there, in harmony and successfully.

So when Mario said “how about a door for the bedroom?” I figured “suuuure. What’s the big deal?!” — I should never underestimate the fact that Italians have the most sophisticated architecture since the Romans time. In part one of this article I told all about how it began.

Today, I am taking you at the finished work and what I learned in the process of this incredibly crafty and multi skill project.

Here is the final work.

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