Tai Chi Lessons

Want to practice Tai Chi and don't know where to start? Well, here is your first cue.
Mario Esposito 4 min read
Tai Chi Lessons
Photo by Anubha Walia / Unsplash

I have been seeking to learn Tai Chi for some time. Exactly nine years. Every new resolution that had that desire on the list ended up like these paid and unfulfilled gym memberships at the beginning of every year.

Fun Fact

If everyone that buys a membership shows up at gym no gym in the United States would be able to handle the load. The gym's owners do count on the principle that most people won't show up and most will quit within five months.

A study from the National Bureau of Economic Research in the United States found that monthly gym members pay a per-visit cost that is about 70% higher than it would be if they had chosen a pay-per-visit plan, due to their infrequent attendance. On average, these monthly members went to the gym just 4.3 times per month, even though they initially predicted they would go over nine times per month. That's a pretty costly overestimation!

With our mission to start pulling back and have a more nature-connected life, we found a local wellness place that encompasses all the goods of good-spirited people. So right after we moved, I hunted for options, and sure enough, we found exactly what would have fit us best. It is in our nature to help when and where we can without any strings. So we donated a sign that we put a lot of effort into building.

More recently, with the same spirit, we offered to record our Tai Chi sessions so that we could practice and review ourselves instead of only following the exciting options on YouTube. We are growing up!!

While we practice, we record our biometrics then later, we feed into our A.I CLOUD.IA. If you didn't know, there are robots to aid meditation and therapy!

She practices in simulation 24x7, and we hope to see the first results of this experiment in the next few months.

Anyhow, this is the first set of forms that the team calls PART ONE. I will update the posts as the other parts are edited. 🎥 🍿 🎞️


If you have never done it, it might be intimidating at first but fret no more; here is a list of moves that can help to navigate the various forms. Apologies if the artwork isn't as creative as usual, but our in-house artist is traveling, and I can only ask the A.I to do her part 🙈

White Crane Spreads Its Wings

  1. Shift the full weight to the front (left) leg. Draw the right leg a half step forward and place it behind the left foot. Now shift the weight back to the right leg in the “Sit Back” position. Extend the left leg gently forward into what is known as the “Empty stance.” (See Allen, I remembered!)
  2. Turn the body slightly to the right, draw the left hand down in front of the face, and move the right hand forward, palm up, as if both hands were holding a ball, and continue the movement of both arms outward into the “White Crane Spreads Its Wings” position. You are now looking forward (at nine o’clock)

Note: At the conclusion of this form, the right-hand stops in front of and slightly above the right temple with the palm facing inward, and the left-hand stops level with the left hip with the palm facing downward. Keep the upper body upright.

Brush Knee (Both Sides)

  1. From the White Crane Spreads Its Wings position, turn slightly to the left (to eight o’clock). The right arm moves down in front of the face while the left arm circles up, outward, and then across the face. Both arms continue moving to the right. Simultaneously draw the left foot next to the right foot with the toes on the floor. Keep the weight of the body on the right leg with the knee bent 50–60 degrees. You are looking at the right hand (toward nine o’clock) (Figs. 1–3).”

Turn the body to the left and take a step forward with the left leg (toward eight o’clock), placing the heel on the floor first. Circle the left hand downward so that it passes in front of the abdomen (keep it tacked, says Genaveve) and ends at the side of the left hip. At the same time, bend the right arm toward the right ear with the palm facing obliquely forward, and push forward at shoulder level while shifting the body forward, ending in the Bow stance. Look at the right hand (at nine o’clock) (Figs. 1, 2 above).
3. Shift the weight back to the right foot in the Sit Back position, turning the left toes outward (to the left), and shift the full weight back to the left foot. Draw the right foot to the left foot with the toes on the floor. At the same time, bend the right arm and move the right hand before the face. Circle the left arm outward and back, and then to the front across the face (Figs. 5–7).”

Mālama Molokai Wellness Sign
The story of how a business sign came to be and how it was built for our favorite wellness center.

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