Dogness Smart iPet Red Robot Review

The Dogness Smart iPet Red Robot is an innovative pet companion with features like a HD camera, two-way audio, interactive play, treat dispenser, and mobile app control. However, drawbacks like battery life, price, and treat compatibility should be considered before investing in this device.
Mario Esposito 8 min read
Dogness Smart iPet Red Robot Review
Dogness Smart iPet Red Robot Review

Since we moved to the island we realized that our pets have been over spoiled through the years in being allowed to travel with us. And when not, we had the kids taking care of them while we were away.

Well, taking pets in Hawaii requires large pockets because the protection of the closed ecosystem trumps any rationale. The first trip with took with Scarlet (kitty cat by day, bed hogger by night) costed over $2K. And the cost wasn't the only slap in the face.

As we discovered, it is more likely that pets will die by vet injections rather than a potentially carried infection. And the kids are no longer so much kids anymore, at least by the DOL registry accounting, not by their parent's acceptance... So we turned to what we do best and built something and left home for several weeks.

Our first attempt was brutally simple, and it was done a few days before we left for a visit to the mainland.

the shitty paint job is not me, this time!

Plywood, a couple of 3D printed pieces to seal the bottom connection. It has a window (scrap from an enclosure of some electronics) and a regular smart dispenser at the bottom that we control through the cloud. It's a great indoor solution for cheap and for ONE cat. Or for cats that aren't too picky in sharing.

the face of achievement unlocked, man!

It worked great until we discovered that the street cats had figured out that we had an unlimited supply of food for them on the deck. Terrorized Scarlet and stole her food. Kauna figured that joining forces would have been a victory point, and she does more and beyond for food. When we got back, we found Kitty1 super malnourished and Kitty2, well... she was born on our land between rocks, and eats scorpions for breakfast, so she was beating up her step-sister when she was hungry!

After that lesson, we turned the inventor's hat backward and start jamming and drinking vodka. Judging by the early results not exactly in that order...

not my fault if he doesn't handle alcohol LOL 😈

Introducing prototype 7 of "find and feed my cat" or FFMC. We don't have a name for "it" because Mario doesn't name anything until it's done-done. And the temporary names he spits out are vetoed by me on a second basis. Well, coz they are stupid, that's why!

FFMC, yeah. See what I mean

  1. pet face/body recognition via a 1080 HD camera
  2. dispenses multiple types of dry food, including catnip as a trail
  3. Connects to the cloud and can be piloted back to the reservoir for restocking
  4. Runs on battery for a few hours but has a dock (the reservoir's base)
  5. Takes pictures on its own when some conditions occur (e.g, weird sounds)
  6. Has a (finicky) touch screen for system operations that can only be done locally to the device (for security) and food weight
  7. There's a scale at the base that weights the food so that it can report how much is left (it's literally a skinny kitchen counter scale 😅)
the power of China manufacturing...

What started as a "first world problem" is now become a potential project to kickstart because the folks that have seen it at work have gone banana for having one.

So we started doing some extensive research to figure out what's out there and below you find what we found to be the only closest robot to what's designed

my favorite part are the wheels and the Mario bros mushroom shape!

Dogness Smart iPet Red Robot

it is an innovative and interactive pet companion designed to keep your furry friend entertained and engaged while you're away from home. Combining a sleek design with not-so-advanced technology for the price, the iPet Robot promises to revolutionize the way we interact with our pets. In this detailed review, we'll explore the features and functionality of this smart pet device and discuss any drawbacks that may be relevant to potential users.


a. Camera

The iPet Robot comes equipped with a high-definition camera, allowing pet owners to remotely monitor their pets in real-time. This 1080p camera provides crisp and clear video quality, ensuring you never miss a moment of your pet's day.

b. Two-way audio

One of the standout features of the Dogness Smart iPet Red Robot is its two-way audio functionality. This feature allows you to communicate with your pet and even give commands or reassurances while you're away, providing an essential level of interaction and comfort for both you and your pet.

c. Interactive play

The iPet Robot is designed to entertain your pet through interactive play. With its built-in laser pointer and autonomous movement capabilities, the robot can engage your pet in stimulating games, keeping them entertained for hours on end.

d. Treat dispenser

As a reward for good behavior or just to show some love, the iPet Robot is equipped with a treat dispenser. This feature lets you remotely dispense treats to your pet, ensuring they remain happy and well-fed even when you're not around.

cute but also a joke in terms of storage capacity

e. Mobile app

The Dogness Smart iPet Red Robot can be easily controlled and monitored via a user-friendly mobile app. Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, the app allows you to access all the features of the iPet Robot from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. We found the Android app is so much more reliable than the crappy iOS version.

3. Ease of use

Setting up and using the iPet Robot is a breeze. The device connects to your home Wi-Fi network, and the intuitive mobile app guides you through the entire setup process. Once connected, you can easily control the robot's movements, access the camera, dispense treats, and interact with your pet through the app's simple interface.

4. Comparisons

I made a quick comparison chart between our [all] prototypes and the market release of iPET we tested.

I didn't compare the unjamming system we designed because we haven't tested it extensively enough to be sure. Since literally all those food dispensers tend to jam sooner or later.


While the Dogness Smart iPet Red Robot is packed with impressive features, there are a few drawbacks worth considering:

a. Battery life

The iPet Robot's battery life may not last a full day of continuous use, which can be a significant concern for pet owners who are away from home for extended periods. Although the device features an auto-return function to recharge when the battery is low, your pet might not constantly interact throughout the day. And just like many docking systems (Roomba?), hitting and staying on the base with pets around is always hit-and-miss, with the difference that a dirty home looks better than the dead corpses of family pets. For more information on battery life and user experiences, check out this forum discussion.

b. Price

The iPet Robot is a relatively expensive pet gadget, with a price that might be a deterrent for some potential buyers. While the device offers a range of advanced features and benefits, it's essential to weigh the cost against the value it will provide to you and your pet. At scale, that price can go down if margins are good, but we don't believe the need is high enough to have scale, so the premium price is still the way to go. To compare prices and find the best deal, visit this price comparison website. It is worth noting that our solution costs $571 plus freight services from our partners in China (joy of inventing on an island...). So there might be a way of offering a lot for about the same premium price.

c. Limited treat compatibility

The treat dispenser is designed to work with specific treat sizes, meaning you may need to purchase new treats or modify existing ones to fit the dispenser. This limitation can be frustrating for pet owners who have a preferred brand or type of treats they would like to use with the device. For a list of compatible treats and recommendations, check out this helpful article.

d. Size and weight

The iPet Robot is relatively large and heavy, which may not be suitable for smaller living spaces or homes with limited storage. Additionally, the size and weight might make it difficult for smaller pets or pets with mobility issues to engage fully with the device. For a more in-depth look at the dimensions and weight of the iPet Robot, refer to this product specifications page.

e. Connectivity issues

Although the iPet Robot connects to your home Wi-Fi network, some users have reported occasional connectivity issues that may disrupt your ability to control the device or view the live camera feed. This drawback could be particularly frustrating for users with less reliable internet connections or those who experience frequent network interruptions. For tips on troubleshooting connectivity issues, visit this support page.

f. Durability concerns

While the iPet Robot is designed to withstand normal wear and tear, it may not be as durable as some pet owners would like. In particular, pets who are prone to chewing or rough play might cause damage to the device over time. For more information on the durability of the iPet Robot and user experiences, check out this discussion thread.

g. Limited pet engagement

While the iPet Robot's interactive features can be engaging for many pets, it's worth noting that not all pets will respond positively to the device. Some pets may be frightened by the robot or uninterested in its features, limiting the overall effectiveness and value of the device for these pet owners. For tips on how to introduce your pet to the iPet Robot and increase engagement, read this helpful guide.

Taking these drawbacks into account, it's important to carefully consider whether the Dogness Smart iPet Red Robot is the right fit for your specific needs and your pet's unique personality and preferences.

Curiosity Corner

You may wonder what happened to the previous prototypes. Well, as it turned out, v4 was not as waterproof as we thought and got fried when one of the cats tossed a vase next to the docking station.

V5 was working for a battery manufacturing facility. And its job was to dry as many batteries he possibly could find in range, assuming he would get there. The scale feature worked rock solid, though.

V6 was perfect in every possible way until we realized we forgot to add a proximity sensor that can detect doors (opened) or a flight of stairs. Surprisingly, it wasn't completely destroyed after it reached the mango in front of the house, but he wondered for the docking station enough to reach the edge of the tiers...

That's all I know so far. [Pink is right]

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