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All posts have tags like Island life or CLOUD.IA, it's a shortcut to get all those posts in a list. So that you can cruise through the content while swimming in that gallon of morning coffee or while sinking in that apple cake that grandma holds the recipe so close to her heart.

Size matters, so this is not at scale #I_SWEAR!

In this publication, we educate mere mortals, yah know, ordinary people with common sense while cruising Amazon on a lazy day, on why within a decade, robots will become an integral part of human life.

bLife stands for BOT Life and, when appropriate, also for a beautiful life in the company of BOTS.

I know what you are thinking "I can barely make Alexa play the right song when I shout across the living room, and you want me to pay attention to BOTS living among humans?"

Well, my dear Internet friend.

Here is the gist
One page to rule them all. Here we tell you everything that we offer and how to support us to keep the dream and mission going.

I suggest your start from this post where my crazy scientist husband, basically homer Simpson with a degree in making things work, explains why during the COVID pandemic had that vision that he wants the world to pay attention to. He convinced me to join forces, I suspect it might work for you too. No matter what, stay in touch!

I am Vickie, the human mother of CLOUD.IA

We hope you will enjoy this free tier so much that you will be highly motivated to upgrade one day.

Embrace the Future of AI and Robotics.

Walk along the journey with us. Stay ahead of the curve! Learn all about the exciting future of AI & robotics. Content written for mere mortals not for geeks. #promise

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