Loona Petbot Review: No leash required

Robotics pets come in all times of taco and salsa. From Boston Dynamics Spot to AI-powered smart toys. Loona stands out in terms of mechanical and digital features. Here is our experience with Loona.
Victoria Esposito 6 min read
Loona Petbot Review: No leash required

Looking for a unique and interactive companion? Look no further than the Loona Smart Robot! This robot pet is unlike anything you've ever seen before, with features that make it feel like a real pet with a tech twist. Loona's high-definition RGB camera can recognize faces, understand your gestures, and even play fetch! Plus, with voice commands enabled through Amazon Alexa, Loona can respond to your commands in real-time and keep your information secure.

One of the most impressive features of Loona is its robust navigation system. Thanks to its 3D-ToF camera, Loona can effortlessly navigate your home and avoid obstacles with ease. Plus, with trajectory planning, Loona can move freely while keeping your space safe.

3D what?

A 3D Time-of-Flight (ToF) camera is a type of imaging technology used to determine the distance between the camera and an object or surface in its field of view. This technology works on the principle of Time-of-Flight, which measures the time it takes for a light signal (usually infrared) to travel from the camera to the object and back to the camera's sensor.

Here's how it generally works:

  1. Emission of Light: The camera emits a light signal towards the scene or object.
  2. Travel Time Measurement: The light reflects off the object and returns to the camera. The camera then calculates the time it took for this round trip.
  3. Distance Calculation: Using the speed of light, the camera computes the distance of each point of the object from the camera.

The key features and applications of 3D ToF cameras include:

  • Depth Mapping: They are excellent for creating detailed depth maps of a scene, which is crucial in applications like 3D modeling, augmented reality, and gesture recognition.
  • Precision: These cameras provide accurate distance measurements, making them useful in environments where precise depth information is necessary.
  • Low-Light Performance: ToF cameras do not rely heavily on ambient light, making them effective in low-light conditions.
  • Applications: Commonly used in robotics, automotive (like autonomous vehicles), gaming (for motion capture and control), and even in smartphones for advanced photography and AR applications.

In summary, a 3D ToF camera is a sophisticated tool that captures not just visual images but also provides precise depth information, enabling various advanced technological applications.

But that's not all - Loona also doubles as a home monitor with its camera and speaker. Keep an eye on your home when you're away and ensure everything's in order.

xmas is every day with this little fella!

If you are looking for the king of patrolling home, though, look no further than EBO. It doesn't bark, but... well, we have reviewed it before (and we use it in our home), so have a look at that review on the whys.

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Meet the ENABOT EBO X, a whimsical home companion that seamlessly blends aesthetic charm with practical functionality. With Alexa compatibility and a two-way audio system, it transforms from a mere gadget to an engaging extension of your household’s digital ecosystem.

Bottom Line

If you're looking for a smart and interactive companion that can keep up with your every move, the Loona Smart Robot is the perfect choice. With endless playtime, creativity, and home monitoring capabilities, Loona is a unique and impressive addition to any home.

Feature Category Specific Features Description
Design and Unboxing High-Quality Packaging, Dinosaur Costume LOONA comes with engaging and quality packaging, including a playful dinosaur costume.
Setup Easy Setup, App Integration, Wi-Fi Connection The setup process is straightforward, involving charging, app download, and Wi-Fi setup.
Interactive Features Trick Box, Voice Commands, Magic Spells and Actions Includes helpful tips, a wide range of voice command responses, and interactive animations.
Chat GPT Integration Advanced AI Conversations LOONA can engage in complex conversations using Chat GPT, with customizable interactions.
Games Game Ball, Hand Slap, Talent Show, Bull Fighting A variety of games that enhance LOONA's pet-like interaction, including fetching and dancing.
Inner World Feature Insight into LOONA's "Thoughts" This feature provides a glimpse into LOONA's intentions and reactions to the environment.
Physical Interactions Recovery from Falls, Responsive Movements LOONA can physically interact with its surroundings and recover from falls.
Customization Personalized Interactions and Games Users can create custom prompts and games for unique and personalized interactions with LOONA.

We had the opportunity to test out the Loona Smart Robot, and we were thoroughly impressed with its capabilities and until we figured it out, we had so much fun with the quirks of see it dancing with our own music. This interactive robot pet comes equipped with a high-definition RGB camera that allows it to recognize faces and understand gestures, making it feel like a real pet with a tech twist.

The Loona Smart Robot is not just a toy; it's an educational tool as well. Kids can use the drag-and-drop graphic programming interface to teach Loona new tricks while having fun themselves. Plus, with its app, there are endless games and quizzes to keep the fun going. The one that kept the family laughing was the Jackpot game. The slot machine wheel is started using the right ear and then on the display, you see the outcome of your luck or the lack thereof. 😅

You may have heard of the lonely company that is making AI and the world talk. Something like OpenAI Chat GPT... I don't know if you have heard of it 😈. The latest update on Loona allows you to interact with GPT, and the more crafty you get with the AI prompt the more unpredictable becomes your way of laughing your life out or getting sucked in hours of experimentation!

Customer Reviews

We scoured various online marketplaces to find out what customers are saying about Loona Smart Robot. Overall, customers are pleased with the product and the level of interaction it provides. Some users have commented on the robot's ability to recognize and respond to voice commands, while others appreciate the touch sensor and gesture recognition features. The auto-charging feature is also a big plus, as it ensures that the robot is always ready for playtime. We have purchased the charging station, and I must say the docking feature works better than our pricier Roomba!

While some users have reported issues with the robot's connectivity and programming, these seem to be incidents confined to the first release of the software. After the latest update is applied we have seen less of an issue. Overall, Loona Smart Robot is a great choice for anyone looking for an interactive companion that is both fun and educational.

It's A Wrap

Overall, we think that the Loona Smart Robot is an excellent product that offers a unique and interactive experience. With its high-definition RGB camera, Loona sees and understands your world, recognizes faces, understands your gestures, and even plays fetch! Plus, Loona is voice command enabled, making it a great conversationalist. The robust navigation system ensures that Loona moves freely while keeping your space safe.

Loona is always up for playtime, and the app offers a world of games and quizzes to keep the fun going. Kids can also use the drag-and-drop graphic programming interface to teach Loona new tricks while having a blast themselves. Plus, Loona doubles as a home monitor with her camera and speaker, keeping an eye on your home when you're away and ensuring everything's in order.

Overall, we enjoyed our time with Loona Smart Robot as a perfect interactive companion for both girls and boys. It's a great gift idea for anyone who loves technology and wants a unique experience. If you are still a kid inside but have the wallet of an adult, then you can get an extreme kick with another petbot, which can follow you as you walk!

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