Robot pets, AI-driven devices mimicking live animals, offer companionship and interaction without the upkeep of real pets. Equipped with sensors and learning capabilities, they're ideal for those with allergies or limited space, providing emotional support and entertainment. These robotic companions range from simple toys to advanced models, growing in popularity for blending technology with companionship. Within a decade we will be treating them the same as we do our pets today

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The dog ate my actuator!
Boston Dynamics

The dog ate my actuator!

Boston Dynamics Spot has some impressive features at a price tag that is not for the faint of wallet but nonetheless offers a level of enterprise integration that is the future. Even if not the absolute best just yet.
Mario Esposito 9 min read
Unitree: Who let the dogs out?!

Unitree: Who let the dogs out?!

From companionship to security cruiser, the GO1 by Unitree has potential at a price that no one else offers. There is so much potential and innovation in this package that you should not overlook.
Mario Esposito 10 min read

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