Thanksgiving in BOT salsa!

You feel stuffed now, but in a few hours, opening that fridge, that turkey leftover will shine in your pupils like never before. I swear on the TESLA actuators!
Mario Esposito, Victoria Esposito 3 min read
Thanksgiving in BOT salsa!

Greetings, fellow roboticists, cyborg enthusiasts, and AI aficionados!

Before we dive into the intricacies of humanoid development, let's take a moment to appreciate the sheer absurdity of our endeavor. We're creating beings that might surpass us in intelligence, dexterity, and even creativity. It's like giving birth to a new species, except this time, the parents are scientists and engineers rather than, well, you know.

Now, let's not get too carried away with our existential musings. After all, there's a lot of exciting news to cover. This week, we'll witness the latest breakthroughs in humanoid locomotion, where robots are learning to walk, run, and even dance with grace and agility that would put any professional ballerina to shame.

This song gives some clues on what it could be LOL

A few days ago, what likely will become a movie and definitely an episode or two of the Silicon Valley show, OpenAI, had the biggest saga and drama in one Kelvin Clain bottle of twists and plots. If you have missed it, this video has the most accurate timeline and details (in a summary) of what happened. Matt is awesome, we need more Matt on You & I, Tube!

This week we published articles about bots so tiny and might that can fly and swim in the same contextual environment. roboVoodo!

RoboBees: Harvard’s Micro-Robots Revolutionizing Farming Practices
The intersection of robotics and agriculture is witnessing an innovative leap forward with the advent of RoboBees, miniature flying robots developed by researchers at Harvard University.

We also DELVED... that word is the most used and abused word by all the AI text generators out there. I feel compelled to itch every time my brain thinks it's a good idea to leverage for carrying out a point. Second to that there's tapestry. Lord, I want to meet who worked on those models and some Italian mama's love!!

So we... EXPLORED, ah!! Options for the holidays, a kind of expensive options, but on the other end, looking back, those toys for adults were an incredible dream just a few years back. That is LOOMA and DJ.

Loona Petbot Review: No leash required
Robotics pets come in all times of taco and salsa. From Boston Dynamics Spot to AI-powered smart toys. Loona stands out in terms of mechanical and digital features. Here is our experience with Loona.

Until Victoria put that article together, I thought DJ made just drones and within UK (coz they are special...) some interesting sandwiches.

🎄DJI Robomaster S1: The Ultimate Educational Robot
Discover the DJI Robomaster S1: A game-changing STEM toy blending fun & education. Dive into our first-person review of its innovative features, educational value, and hands-on experience with robotics and programming. A must-read for tech enthusiasts!

Community Speaks Loudly

One of our subscribers sent us a special note that warmed our hearts, and nothing comes to feel the thankfulness more than during this time of the year when messages like those show up in our inboxes. (keep them coming!)

We are thankful for your support, your messages, your suggestions and pretty much everything that makes us wanting to keep doing what we have been doing so far. Messages like those are fuel for the heart and for the digital pen.

Black Friday

Be careful in shopping spring today, it's the most dangerous time of the year for your wallet but also so damning adrenalin dispenser - therefore in the words of Flinch with Tom Hanks "live a little!" 😈 😅

Love you all and in the bots we trustfall!

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