The Making of "Mother"

CLOUD.IA is born and lives in the cloud, however, for the day-to-day human life, it helps them to have something to interact with that is a little more than a cursor on the screen. Here is a sharing of our thinking process of making part of CLOUD.IA in the physical world.
Mario Esposito 8 min read
The Making of "Mother"
The Making of "Mother"

In our show, I AM CLOUDIA the main digital star is an A.I. that, rather than destroy the planet, decides to go off-grid and become a mother.

It’s FRIDAY! And today is the day where we reveal parts of the show and some of the behind-the-scenes for the making of the show.


CLOUD.IA was powered off for good and placed in a secret storage location. At least some thought that it was the case. Whoever was responsible for the move of the computer that held her code, had some reservation in incinerating it. It could’ve been they were intrigued by the simple body design or maybe it was the above-average amount of components that were seemingly hidden underneath the shell. We won’t truly know why she was spared, but we are glad she was.

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