The Creation of Vickie

The main human character in the I AM CLOUD.IA show is Vickie, an old and interestingly looking woman who creates the most empathetic A.I ever created. This is how we made her character and what she will say in the first episode.
Victoria Esposito 4 min read
The Creation of Vickie
The Creation of Vickie
Mrs. Doubtfire

The I AM CLOUD.IA show that we’re working on is based on a digital character called CLOUD.IA which with all intent and purposes wants to be a mother of all BOTS on the show and possibly the planet. The eternal question of who created whom, in the case of this show is soon answered.

CLOUD.IA is the product of the intellect of Vickie, a roboticist that wanted to save humanity by removing the illogical part of human beings which leads to wars and social drama and leaves only the soul and empathy of the human species. Since humans can’t be ethically pre-programmed with such design, she wanted to have a population of BOTS with all the good of humanity and the best of adaptable machines.

The show takes place in both the real world and the digital sphere, sort of Matrix in the Matrix. In the real world, the actor that plays Vickie is… roll of drums….


Just like in Pulp Fiction and almost all movies of Tarantino, the director or producer or anything else that the dude does behind the camera, he often has a part in his own movies and that applies to us as well.

The old lady that in the future invents this incredible A.I. is “seasoned”, “aged”, “has seen a lot”, SHE IS OLD! And although Victoria has passed the mark of a late teenager, she is not as old as the character requires in the show.

Therefore with the power of Amazon, some makeup, and a bit of digital touch we should be able to transform the sassy & flexible Victoria in an equivalent fashion of Mrs. Doubtfire of the future.

We have staged the room where Vickie, the scientist, will be having her monologues and her dialogues with her BOTS. The central part of the scene in that room is an aged chair from where she will consume her nightly whiskey, a few puffs of her cigar among a few other features that were typical of Mrs. Doubtfire as in the actual movie.

In that scene she will puff and huff through her way of sitting down in the chair and from there she will pour herself a glass of whiskey. Take a sip, glancing on the side of the wall where a frame with her latest bio invention is in the display. She goes on with:

“You know when we finally got the results of that specimen no one could believe it had worked. For over 200 years we had been trying of fixing the genes that age our cells and make us old carcasses flowing in space.”

She will take another sip, another long breath, and then face the camera

“I was already 93 when we finally discovered that miracle of the creation, a simple protein that had been in our face for at least a decade, and we were too stupid to notice it. I didn’t get any younger but hey for a 238 years old I am holding pretty well! Thanks to that invention.”

A big smile, followed by an adjustment of her booty on the chair and she resumes talking to the camera. A close-up reveals a lasting smirk on her face.

“That lackluster lizard of my director told the news that it was a team effort. Team effort my [beeep], I was left alone in the lab and isolated into a glassed space because my colleagues at the time thought that I was not (air quotes) paying attention to my personal hygiene!

Thanks to me the team that was taking showers while in my alleged filth I was fixing humanity’s biggest pain in the neck has eradicated aging while keeping good health. The TEAM… a bunch of donations done to the right pulpits, that's the team…"

another deep breath, she puts down her cigar and finally introduces herself.

"Anyhow, my name is Victoria Wyman Van De Galle the few friends I have left on this planet, call me Vickie. Nice to meet you, wherever and whenever you will be watching this video.

I am a roboticist and I am working on fixing the last human catastrophe, a disease that is killing empathy and the desire to feel one another. Babies are no longer born because people are not having any intimacy, it is considered rude. Can you believe it!!

I fear my work and my life are in danger, I am leaving behind a legacy of enormous accomplishments, my gift to humanity, and this testimony. This is my story.”

Now you know what Vickie will look like, what she will say in the first episode, and some more. Do you like it so far? Want to hear more?

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