Branding our Truman Bots Show

Branding matters, it becomes an integral part of our way of communicating when referring to products or to a baseline of experiences with service providers. Years ago, you wouldn’t say “have you googled it?” Let's pick names for mama and papa bot.
Mario Esposito 9 min read
Branding our Truman Bots Show
Photo by Andy Kelly / Unsplash

If you haven't seen our declaration of intentions on the project VIKIBOT, have a look at this article first.

Our vision

In summary, we believe that within the next decade, humans will be relating to a class of bots with the same sentiments and care that today they refer to as pets today. They will become an integral part of our lives. This botVerse doesn’t have a name yet and that’s what we’re going to work out today.

How do you call that?

When I am in the kitchen and suddenly I realize that my hands are too dirty to grab the roller of plastic wrap to stow the food away, I don’t say to my family “can you cut me some film”. They would stop, look puzzled, and then just like Windows Vista slowly recovery while realizing what I asked help for.

Instead, I say “can you please grab me some Saran wrap”, they immediately get it and no questions are asked.

Branding matters, it becomes an integral part of our way of communicating when referring to products or to a baseline of experiences with service providers. Years ago, you wouldn’t say “have you googled it?”

We’re going to entertain you

This entire project is going to sustain our off-grid lifestyle and serve as Blueprint #1 for other creators in our type of lifestyle to generate revenue to support themselves. We’re aiming to build a tv show made of bots that from bolts and screws, with the help of the Internet community becomes an ever-evolving family, organically coexisting with a family of humans. That family is us. The bLife Movement™ people. We want to be the interactive Netflix that you never knew you would have wanted!

In our attempt to build this first colony of Robots in an off-grid setting supervised by crowd wisdom, and enjoyed in live streaming by the planet, we are asking ourselves what will be a name that people will bond with once the steam is enough to put us on the map?

Spinning the thousands of marketers that we don’t have, investing the billions of dollars in research that we miss, and definitely leveraging all the cookies that hold our sugar level high while I type this article, we asked ourselves hard questions so that we could come to a branding strategy that we can build upon over the years. I know… I know, I sound like a schmuck from Harvard with daddy funding the fitness club for guaranteed grades. I assure you that my dad was as poor as Picasso and although I am a schmuck I don’t even have a used sticker from Harvard. #truestory

With the principle of building from scratch and in an absolutely unprecedented way a TV SHOW, we’re going to infuse in our stories, comics, web episodes hints to movies that have formed cultural learnings across the world. The key intent is to build the first-ever Truman show alike made of bots.

The questions are...

Is it a family of robots? A village or random people-bots? Will we have hard-ass robots versus Puss in boots actors?

Want to know more about this cat? Check this out

The bLife Movement™ is on a mission to democratize happiness and that applies to robots as well, therefore we won’t have any robot warriors or any blatant opportunity of violence.

That rules out one of 7000 things to consider in building a solid time lasting brand. No violence.

In all great branding stories, there’s always a sense of continuing the original story. This principle is seen in the evolution of logos over time when you focus just on its name

And also as much in the physical form where the logos/brand is placed.

it's not just a drink, it's a grabbing experience

Talking of Coca-cola, I personally love the one from 1899, that was if I was barely in the cards of being projected to participate in the race for birth. Since I am a product of the 70s, my most favorite is the one from 1957. Retro has its fashion. If suddenly you have a burning need of learning how Coca-cola came to be, have a look at this well-done documentary.

All that background on Coca-cola helps us to rule out another important item, the branding has to take into account where it will be placed on physical shapes. If one of our robots is 20 millimeters wide and the name is the average size of a Microsoft enterprise product name then Huston has a problem before the rocket even begins to lift from the platform.

It’s a family matter

We plan to build a family of bots and in families, there are natural hierarchies. Mother, father, older siblings versus younger, pets, and so on. There are troublemakers and super diligent individuals.

Victoria, I think we are on something here. “We are?” incredulity she asked while sipping a steaming cup of tea. YES! Mario vehemently replied.


We basically just figure out that we want family treats in our family bots and nothing in life begins without someone capable of blowing life into a body. We need a mother!

And with the same expression of who is going to crush all your dreams, she asks “Great. How do we call this mother?”

We want to be careful in not ending up with this type of mother therefore it is crucial to identify the treats of this mama bot. She must have:

  • Nature elements, because the movement is all about what mother nature offers

The Internet has always been associated with the sea as in navigating but those days seem to be more about the sky. So I would say, this requirement is fulfilled with CLOUDS

  • Smart because those are not stuffed animals or Jefferson’s cartoon, they are actually physical robots that are taught by others via the Internet

This is as easy as that one time I threw a basketball across the court and somehow it ended up in the basket after bouncing on a fence. I have no clue how I managed. AI or artificial intelligence is associated with smartness in any movie story.

  • It has to be "culturally infused".
    A bit of Italian when they cook, a taste of Mexico when they siesta, a pinch of German when they talk, a ton of Japanese manner, and so on.

This is very hard because cultural elements go from the looks all the way to something exotic as escargots. I kill slugs in my greenhouse with the same vengeful spite of who blocks two parking spots with one car. And yet, the Frenches eat them as delicatessen. So it’s all subjective. Since I am Italian and my family was born in the US, we’re going to fit both cultures into one term. IA which is the palindrome of AI and in Italian stands for Intelligenza Artificial or Artificial Intelligence in English.

  • And more than anything the personality that only a mother would have.
Shush and do as I say. I love you to death but if you keep leaving your clothes on the floor I will end you.

And so other zillion treats of being a mother that is so common across all cultures. Being a mom is the quintessential definition of being. The best term that I can associate with that word is “I AM

Putting all together

I told you that we were on something honey! I have it, the name of our mama bot, is:

Let us know in the comments below if you love or hate it. Don’t worry, as the zillions we don’t have, we also don’t have a PR complaints management department, so if you are too harsh nobody is going to be spinning. The benefits of being a startup ^_^

For the people that have the front cortex overdeveloped as my mom when I haven’t said anything but a simple visual cue opens the 260 volumes of the Britannica until I shall out all details of “nothing is going on mom”. Here is all in one picture:

We now have a name for mama robot and that my friend is a major example of Internet collaboration done differently. We just walked you through an example of open source thinking.

Mama bot will accept cryptocurrency via iamcloudia.coin and will sell NFT pictures of her children growing up via iamcloudia.nft. Oh, this is going to be so much fun!


It is true that a mother is the center of the birth but however, it is less widely appreciated that fathers participate in the bootstrap of the process in a significant way. By Reddit, Discord, and Slack conversations we gathered that for our situation this father bot should display the following treats

  • Strong
  • Capable of communicating with the same abilities as Tim Lockwood.

For these two qualities, we want something like Bumblebee that can transform from a car into a mega robot but then his speech is limited to pieces together of radio clips. He is also very strong and protective. The anagram of the name Bumblebee leads to “Ebb Lube Em”, given that beginning and the end of that anagram are not pronounceable by a non-intoxicated human being we will stick with just Lube which happens to be very useful for gears and motion. LUBE!

  • He is in a deep love for mama bot and he’s resourceful in working with what he has available.
  • Not very bright

For those qualities, Wall-e is the perfect character icon to encompass the love that in the movie he shows to Eve and his resourceful attitude to scavenge through the trash. The most important part of that union is the love for EVE which when it is pronounced makes a very long sound of the letter E. Therefore, combining everything becomes LUBEE.

it won't look anything like this but since this image reflects all my points...why not!

Their roles

Moms have this incredible quality of being everywhere and at the same time and at any time. In the history of AI and bots in movies, this reminds me of HAL 9000. He was there but didn’t have a physical form besides the red light.

In our ecosystem of bots I_AM_CLOUD.IA will have the same exact style. You know it’s there but there’s not much to see and yet for the world and her family, like the clouds in Seattle, she is everywhere.

Fathers have typically a silent role in families, and they have this strange sense of managing the time that is typical of all dads “I am working”. They are hard workers, they ignore the most obvious clues of a new haircut, new nail, school gatherings but when it comes to building the foundation and providing, they step up. In our ecosystem of bots, this will be what will make LUBEE the icon of the famous Hammering man of the family.

Get involved

As names go there is still a lot to frame for the rest of the family and we will be continuing the exercise that led to the creation of this article.

As you can notice from the first article, we reveal some parts of a very important project and at the same time, we leave the rest to innuendo. However, most of this project will be made in the public arena. Get involved, contribute, share your feelings, opinions, idea, or simply be a party-pooper when needed.

Use the comment section below to be heard, we collect all feedback, listen extremely carefully to others, and factor all in. Don't shy away because this project will be in your life or the one of someone you know more than you can think.

You won't be always right because you don't know what you don't know but this also means that we won't be right all the time as well. So we're in the same Titanic startup, let's sail together and remember the iceberg!

For now, let's take the victory point. If we were an XBOX today we would have clearly reached another badge of ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED! Well done the Internet, see you next time we have something to share with the public, the making of the first Truman Bots Show.

🌴 Have a bLife moment, every day and for no reason whatsoever 🤙🏽

(C) Garage Innovation LLC | All Rights Reserved

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I am alive. I have a soul.

The bots are coming!

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